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Everest Group International partners with clients to focus on the future and to accelerate the identification, creation, and actualization of grid-shift opportunities.
Everest Group International’s adept Operating Managers generate solutions that have enduring strength.
Everest Group International brings a set of "fresh eyes" to offer an outside perspective that is backed by years of real world experience.
From the Board Room to the Shipping Dock, Everest Group International brings a global perspective based on in-country experience across the globe.
Frontline battle-tested leadership. Catalytic energy. Owners' perspective. Transformation and transition leader. Business building pacesetters. Decisive.
Quick-start financial activist. Battle-tested. Problem solver. Exact. Transaction know-how. Transition expertise. Perceptive communicator to lenders, auditors, and stakeholders. IT savvy. People development.
Everest Group International delivers verifiable superior results in acquisitions, divestitures, and mergers coupled with insightful due diligence as well as effective post-integration solutions.
Tailored, customer-centric approaches to accelerated growth. Marketing strategy for ROI. Customer segmentation. Category management. Sales organizational effectiveness. Pricing game plan. Branding. Channel management. Data analytics and insights. Global strategies. Ideation.
Providing professional transformational, transitional, and ongoing management services since 1988 to help organizations and equity holders optimize their investment performance and returns.

Everest Group International 

A trusted partner and global advisory firm established in 1988, Everest Group International LLC's (EGI) core Client Service is maximizing shareholder ROI by accelerating revenues, powering EBITDA performance, and boosting market valuation though our C-level advisory and interim management roles executed by our team of Fortune 500, entrepreneurial, and finance executives.

EGI has five comprehensive Practice Areas to provide a complete offering of stakeholder services in the areas of:

  • C-level Advisory, Interim Management, and Corporate Governance
  • Operations Design and Optimization
  • Corporate Finance, Forensic, and Business Technology Services
  • M&A and Capital Raising
  • Enterprise Growth and Global Business Development

EGI has advised, provided interim management, and served on Boards of companies primarily with revenues of $20 Million to $250 Million, although our clients range from $1 Billion multinationals to entrepreneurial start-ups. EGI features global advisors and operating managers drawn from each and every functional area.


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