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Everest Group Global LLC

Rooted in the knowledge and experience that commercial opportunities exist beyond local comfort zones and across international borders, for nearly 30 years, the Principals of Everest Group Global LLC (EGG) have actively pursued international business development across a variety of industries in diverse global markets. We recognize international business development is an opportunity to enhance both the sales and supply chain side of an enterprise. If you wish to exploit overseas opportunities, EGG is your go-to turnkey resource, having transacted business on every continent. We can put your company or product on the international map or propel global sales of existing product.

worldeggAccelerating growth of international business development activities at Everest Group International (EGI) led to the formation of EGG to provide a singular focus as a facilitator of overseas business development for both U.S.-based and global companies. EGG can place or source products globally by acting as an agent, distributor, outsourced export department, or procurement arm for an enterprise, thus helping to mitigate risks in the initial start-up phase of selling or sourcing overseas. We help to alleviate international travel expense and development cost concerns by maximizing and consolidating activities on each trip, allocating costs across multiple projects.