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Equity Funds

EGI has a long-standing track record of being a trusted resource and talent pool for PEGs and Boards. We deliver fundamental results coupled with on-the-ground execution to produce profitable outcomes and maximize shareholder ROI. EGI focuses on companies with revenues up to $300 Million across all industries.

For nearly 30 years, EGI has worked shoulder-to-shoulder as a powerful and collaborative ally with PEGs and their portcos to address strategic and operating needs from the transaction and 100-day plan to an exit. EGI is a ready source of global Fortune 500 managers as well as seasoned entrepreneurs who provide operating and financial expertise from every functional area. EGI has a rich history of providing PEGs an intricate mix of talent, advisory services, interim management, Board participation, and management team augmentation on specific projects in an advisory or mentoring role. Our operating managers will instill excellence and energy in every functional area so each is a foundational pillar of the business.

EGI is well-versed in M&A leadership and support, including results-altering mergers that uncover value, boost EBITDA, reduce internal multiples, and liberate working capital.

Having grown with our clients in the private equity business since 1988, and thus evolving to address their challenges and diverse needs, there are compelling reasons to look to EGI to harness results:

  • M&A
  • C-level Interim Management
  • Interim Management for All Functional Areas
  • Exit Strategy Operating Support
  • Corporate Governance / Board Participation
  • Turnarounds, including Bankruptcy
  • Company Re-launch
  • Operations Optimization
  • Sales, Marketing, and Revenue Growth
  • International Business Development
  • Financial and Forensic Services
  • Cash Flow and Working Capital Management
  • IT and Systems Support
  • Wind Downs and Liquidations