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International Business Development Services

EGG's approach consists of a variety of international and cross-border services both for U.S.-based firms contemplating overseas activity and foreign firms looking to enter the U.S. and North American markets. As seasoned international business development executives, we have the confidence and flexibility to work as an agent, distributor, outsourced function, or commission basis. EGG can provide a more cost-effective, variable cost, lower risk means of managing international activity on an interim advisory or continuous basis.

We offer a flexible range of services that can be tailored to specific situations:


Recommend a course of action, identify whether international selling or sourcing is an option for an enterprise, develop a strategic international action plan, or implement a developed international strategy

Sales Feasibility Study

Undertake local market surveys on competition, distribution, pricing, marketing, and market size to quickly ascertain a product's potential sales viability in a market

Overseas Agent or Distibutor

Provide a strategic, proven, and cost-effective solution to international sales, acting as the Agent or Distributor for a company, placing its products in overseas markets, establishing a brand and local marketing presence and visibility, and appointing local-market sales representatives

Interim International Management

In coordination with an enterprise, work as its International Department, managing all or select overseas selling, sourcing, or commercial activities, oftentimes in an initial start-up phase until a critical mass of sales or procurement activities has been established

Global Supply Chain

Act as a procurement specialist, seeking out multiple sources across a variety of geographic locations to optimize sourcing and supply chain solutions and costs

Strategic Alliance

Identify potential local sources and firms for products or services that can complement an existing offering or provide a totally new product or service without costly development costs by creating a joint venture or other strategic alliance