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Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestitures

services-maEGI's marketplace knowledge gained from decades of successful transactions provides in-depth analysis and planning, aggressive execution, and focused advocacy to ensure that client M&A and capital raising goals are accomplished.

Our expertise in mergers and acquisitions emanates from having been involved in a large number of transactions on both the Buy-side and Sell-side with lower middle and middle market companies in many different industries.

EGI can aggressively execute all aspects of the M&A process. For Buy-side assignments, EGI services include: business case development and analysis to identify opportunities, marketplace prospecting, valuation, negotiation, due diligence, strategic planning, raising capital, restructuring, providing transitional management, and post-acquisition integration. We combine our deep level of operating insight with our deal-making experience to identify ways of maximizing our client’s advantage and financial success.

EGI provides an impartial view of a proposed acquisition and any potential synergies to help guarantee that a fair price is paid, no performance surprises occur post-acquisition, and that all perceived acquisition benefits are realized. EGI can also arrange access to capital to support transactions through raising equity or debt capital utilizing existing relationships with a large number of equity and debt investors.

For Sell-side assignments, EGI will provide the client with marketplace valuation and deal structure expectations; develop a global prospects list, including strategic and private equity investors; prepare all marketing documents; assist in the creation of on-line data rooms to expedite buyer due diligence; contact all prospects; assist with negotiations; conduct an auction among interested bidders creating a sense of urgency and higher valuation; coordinate all bidder visits; work with client legal and tax advisors; and aggressively manage the transaction to closing. Post-closing, EGI will assist a client in achieving earn-out or other bonus or contingent compensation and satisfy any other seller requirements.

We can assume a number of roles in the acquisition process, being especially valuable when the deal has operating complexities or requires raising capital. These roles include: