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Mike Schwartz


Mike is a CFO and seasoned C-level financial executive whose international experience includes Canadian, Asian, European, Mexican, North African, Caribbean, and Central American operations. Mike specializes in: providing CFO services, directing financial functions for defrauded businesses, forensic accounting, uncovering insider transactions and recovering millions from ponzi operations, designing and implementing systems to quickly and accurately make distributions to fraud victims, interim financial management, profitability analysis, budgeting, financial planning, and financial modeling. He has experience providing CFO support and forensic reviews in numerous businesses for a court-appointed Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Trustee. In addition to assisting the Trustee recover millions from ponzi operations, Mike managed recovery distributions to defrauded investors, distributing in excess of $250 Million without a single exception. Mike's 30-year corporate career includes Lockheed Martin, Sara Lee Corporation (Hanes Brands) and Ocean Apparel, Inc. (B.S., Accounting, University of Maryland; M.B.A., Appalachian State University)

As a kid, was a huge fan of Popeye, and as a result, still eats all his spinach today! Dropped 150 pounds in 2006-2007 and maintains his current weight by jogging up to 20 miles per week.