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Mobile Telecommunications Provider

C-Level Advisory Services

An EGI Advisor was hired to personally support the CEO of a telecommunications equipment manufacturer and service provider to evaluate existing strategic initiatives, optimize strategy, align/establish business processes to maximize the repositioned Company gameplan, and coach and mentor his staff.

This engagement included providing wide-ranging organizational support to C-level managers plus conducting an analysis of the product and service lines with recommendations for termination, optimization, and related additions to improve margins and increase top line revenue. It also included defining financial and operational controls, policies, and procedures. Examples included: implementation of a process to monitor and track sales channel activity including grading leads through to contract and revenue realization (Funnel Reports); development of targeted sales profiles and market segmentation; alignment of product line COGS and G&A expense; establishment of periodic financial roll-up reports, weekly, monthly, and quarterly; definition of metrics to accurately identify and align operations and customer support activities; initiation of regular “post mortem” incident analyses for both positive and negative customer service experiences; and, development of employee rewards and recognition programs.

The result was a stronger, more productive management team as well as improved and enhanced business processes and controls, policies and procedures, and reporting. This led to a more focused and "measure and manage" business approach.