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Reid Douglas

Managing Director 

Reid is a public and private company C-level executive, Advisor, CFO, and CIO who focuses on business transformation, business process redesign, IT assessment, IT architecture, large-scale systems integration, and financial analysis and reporting. His Fortune 500 financial reporting and IT management experience includes operating as both CFO and CIO for the Anaconda Company’s Uranium Division, managing Oil Revenue Accounting for ARCO Oil & Gas, and directing systems development for Burlington Northern Railway (BNSF). As a systems integrator, he has designed and/or developed an automated claims processing system for United HealthCare, a global transaction-processing environment for Honeywell, an international data entry system for Citibank, and a worldwide document management infrastructure for Interpol. Reid also has extensive experience with internal control environments and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance. He is currently a senior member of our M&A practice that has guided numerous buy-side and sell-side projects to successful, beneficial conclusions. (B.S., Business Administration, Arizona State University W. P. Carey School of Business)

Decades ago, Reid starred in a commercial for a nationally-known healthcare product from one of the country’s most venerable pharma giants. The commercial was shown not only on TV but also in every movie theater in the country for over a year and made Reid famous throughout the country. The fun fact? It wasn’t THIS country.