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Supply Chain Management

service-entgrowthEGI achieves an optimal supply chain for manufacturing, transportation, and distribution companies by invoking a comprehensive enterprise-wide sourcing and procurement approach.

SCM is itself continually facing a transformation. Evolving and developing forces are constantly in transition such as global threats, currency fluctuations, global energy dynamics, and technology disruptions. Relatively more consideration is now given to proximity to demand and proximity to innovation, not just supply. EGI recognizes changing dynamics and helps our clients respond.

Recognizing the power of logistics, emphasis is not only placed on minimizing operating, transportation, distribution, and inventory costs, but also drills down to often overlooked considerations such as strategic sourcing; demand and production forecasting; scenario modeling; inbound/outbound logistics; vendor management; transportation mode; and productivity considerations. We start with employee input, supplier assessments, data analytics, and accounts payable to create a diagnostic – but this is just the first step. Then comes relentless pursuit of improvement, optimization, and savings.