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Turnaround Management

service-turnBy the time a turnaround manager is required, there is only one chance to get it right. EGI brings its clients the business savvy and formidable skills derived from representing all sides of the stakeholder constituency and serving in both an advisory and operating capacity. We can guide your company to and then through the survival zone while simultaneously achieving change and innovation.

In a crisis or workout situation, you need an undaunted Chief Restructuring Officer with credentials, insight, experience, proven successes, and resources for rapid deployment and deliberate action. EGI is adept at managing stakeholder tensions during crisis, containing adverse situations, and restoring credibility and communication while implementing transformation. We have an unsurpassed track record of successful turnarounds, corporate restructuring, company recapitalizations, and bankruptcy reorganizations and 363 sales across a wide array of industries, some of which are reflected in our representative engagements. When it is too late for a viable turnaround, EGI is especially positioned to effect the maximum asset recovery.

A turnaround environment can paradoxically be a time that opens minds to the possibility of creative change. As multi-disciplinary managers of change, EGI’s operating and financial managers have successfully confronted crisis situations in all their dimensions and uncertainties time and again. EGI can develop and implement restructuring and reorganization plans and establish a viable capital structure.

EGI will effectively address your P&L from sales and revenue decline, to cost of goods sold, to expenses, while providing astute cash flow management and directing attention to every line of your balance sheet, including de-leveraging it. We uniquely focus on the total enterprise, including sales, marketing, operations, and cost of goods/services.

Our operating talent will optimize enterprise value, with an emphasis on liberating cash, in order to both preserve equity and service debt. Our operating managers have the ideal qualifications to stabilize, transform, restore, and if applicable, divest the business. When the turnaround victory is secured, EGI can apply its sales and marketing skills to re-launch the company, renew growth, and realize a rebound in enterprise valuation.