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Wind Downs and Liquidations

service-wdAt times, the only remaining solution to a problematic situation might be a wind down of the existing business or liquidation of the entity or partial liquidation of assets, both tangible and intangible, to maximize results. EGI has the resources, contacts, and affiliations to maximize your recovery.

EGI’s focus is on revitalizing businesses, no matter how dire the situation may appear. Successful turnarounds take exceptional managers performing extraordinary tasks as quickly as possible, but sometimes it will be too late to meaningfully change the direction of a troubled investment. When this is the case, EGI can assist investors in an orderly but swift wind down or liquidation of their company that will deliver the maximum possible return of investment.

EGI’s wind down and liquidation experience, both in and outside of bankruptcy, goes far beyond collecting receivables, selling inventory, disposition of fixed assets, and monetizing other assets. We are a go-to resource in complex wind down, receivership, and litigation events. We would typically be involved in situations characterized by: