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Window Treatments Company

Turnaround and Re-launch

An EGI Advisor was engaged by the owners as Interim President of the company, a privately-held window coverings business with sales over $100 Million. This vertically-integrated business sold multiple product lines direct to the retail trade.

The Company slipped into an under-performing situation after the previous President departed, was in need of cash and debt reduction, and had been given only six months by the bank to achieve results. A new strategic plan developed by the EGI Advisor focused the management team on profitable sales, balance sheet management and cost reduction, as well as breakthrough marketing initiatives. The team achieved 10% operating profit and generated significant free cash flow in the first year, while reducing expenses by $12 Million and inventory by $15 Million. The company then launched a major retailer account at $10 Million in annual sales as well as a major DIY account, which had projected annual sales of $50 Million, while simultaneously preparing a new product with $7 Million in annual gross profit.

The company attained low-cost-producer status in many categories by reducing cost of goods sold through a Cost Busters Program. This comprehensive and focused strategy led to the most profitable year in the Company’s 25-year history.